Friday, January 27, 2006

My Sister Melinda

This is my sister Melinda
and her Mercedes in the
hills above her beloved
Santa Barbara where
he has made her home
for many years. Posted by Picasa

Sister Jan And I

This is me with my sister Jan at Padre Island a few
years ago. Posted by Picasa

Blake's Place In The Country

My Brother Blake's Place In
North East Texas
Top left: Blake and Eura Cute Cat
Center: The house
Bottom: Pasture land Posted by Picasa

Blake and Dicky

This my brother Blake. (on the right)
Quite a few years ago...we both have gotten wider
(especially me!) and our hair is considerably whiter! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coastal Iron Works

This is a picture of me welding on the early stages of a 300 foot floating drydock, Mr. Pat, we built at Coastal Iron Works shipyard when I worked there many years ago. Posted by Picasa

Old Nova Beach Car!

This would be around 1981. It's my old Nova loaded with windsurfing and surf gear.The pic is a bit fuzzy! Posted by Picasa

Inside Section At Horace Caldwell Pier

This is an inside section on a nice winter's day surf next to Horace Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas, Texas.
The surfer is unidentified. Posted by Picasa

Red Sky At Night!

 Posted by Picasa

Another View of Zacatecas

 Posted by Picasa


Zacatecas, Mexico Posted by Picasa

In The Park, Santa Barbara, Cal. August 1971

My girlfriend Cathy took this shot as we enjoyed a picnic in a park in Santa Barbara in September of 1971. That's her feet in the foreground!
Just call me Fuzzy!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cool Jazz

(Click on pic (c) for larger image)

Cool Jazz!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Harley In Santiago, Chile

(Click on pic for larger image)

This is a nice Harley Davidson soft tail on the street in Santiago, Chile.
Tim Campion is travelng around South America on a BMW motorcycle and this picture is one of many fabulous photos on his trip blog. Tim writes that this shot captures two American "icons." One is obvious. Do you see the other?

This pic made me drool! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mo' Fun With Photoshop! San Miguel, Baja

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Fun With Photoshop! Cliff In Ruidoso, Single Ski

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Right Whale, Color

Here is a color version of the Right Whale sketch. I drew the sketch with pencil and marking pens and colored it in on Microsoft Paint.
Recently a Northern Right Whale and her calf was spotted in our inland waterways, the first such sightings in over 30 years! Posted by Picasa

Right Whale Sketch

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(Click on pic for larger image)

This was done on the Art Rage program, free downloadable software. I love it! It is nearly like real painting. I have done several pieces on this program. Posted by Picasa

Drywall Dave And Dicky

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This is my buddy "Cheecho" AKA "Drywall" Dave and I at the Ain't Nothin'But The Blues, Fall Back Festival at Pelican's landing in Port Aransas, This was 2003 I believe. My memory is becoming this murky thing!
We were "The Blues Harp Brothers!" Posted by Picasa

Silent Slim AndThe Locomotives

(Click on pic for larger image)
I did this cartoon after our saxophonist left the band, somewhere around 1990, I think....!
Left to right:
Dicky Neely, Michael O'Connor, Marty Martinez, Antone Perez, Franz Schlievert.

I still play with Antone and Franz from time to time. Michael left for the Hill Country and has been playing with a lot of top name players. Don't know what happened to Marty. He left town some years ago to play with funky earth music band in Houston and I haven't heard from him since. Posted by Picasa

Dicky And Gary!

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Self Portrait!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blues Art Series:Cool Harp Player!

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Blues Art Series: Muddy Waters

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